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Kunikazu Tanaka 田中邦和




現在はソロとしての活動の傍ら、「田中邦和ジャズトリオ」「BLACK VELVETS」「Sembello」「DOUBLE TORUS」「KARATE CHOPS」「LIFE IS GROOVE」等で個性的なミュージシャンたちとの共演他、レコーディングやセッション等、多岐に渡って活動中。また、サックスが持つ楽器の可能性を追求する即興演奏や、尺八やネイ等サックス以外の管楽器の研究・演奏にも力を入れている。

これまでの共演者は森山威男、小室等、林田健司、中村達也、川村結花、渋谷慶一郎、ボズ・スキャッグス等々多数。NHK Eテレ「スコラ 坂本龍一 音楽の学校 ジャズ編」では坂本龍一、山下洋輔と共に田中邦和トリオとして出演。

Kunikazu Tanaka is a Japanese saxophonist born in 1966. Studying the saxophone in high school and all through college, Tanaka displayed a prominent talent in performing the instrument. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he worked and lived the life of a company employee. A few years as a company man, however, made him come to realize once again his passion and desire to for music, and he made the decision to become a full-time musician.

Ever since, he has been deeply involved with a wide range of music including jazz, pop, rock, film music and improvisation, and has performed with a variety of musicians from young artists to big names, in addition to continuing a dedication to solo performance. It has been said of his performance, “Tanaka has his own style of first standing back from the music, which allows him to then pursue his own sound within any genre.”

Collaborating with various singers who value the importance of melody and composition, and improvising in order to seek out the potential of each instrument, he has established a unique musical world both physically and intellectually, as evidenced in his recordings, both solo and large instrumentation.

Besides performances at major domestic jazz clubs and concert halls, his work has seen him perform at festivals inside and outside the country such as Fuji Rock (Japan) and Monterey (USA & Japan), and in London and New York.

In recent years, acting on a keen interest in Japanese wind instruments as well as Middle Eastern folk instruments, Tanaka has begun to incorporate these influences into his performance as well.

Groups as Member/Leader
Kunikazu Tanaka Jazz Trio (with ASA-CHANG & Hiroshi Takase)
BLACK VELVETS (with Tomo Yamaguchi, Satoru Wono & Terassey)
Sembello (with Yuichi Oki)
DOUBLE TORUS (with Masaki Hayashi)
KARATE CHOPS (with Yoshihito Eto & Yosuke Inoue)
LIFE IS GROOVE (with Hiroshi Kamayatsu, KenKen & Ryunosuke Yamagishi)

Past Co-Performers
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Yosuke Yamashita
Takeo Moriyama
Hitoshi Komuro
Kenji Hayashida
Tatsuya Nakamura
Yuka Kawamura
Keiichiro Shibuya
Boz Scaggs
And more


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