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会社設立のご挨拶 2016/5/11

拝啓 万葉の候 皆様にはますますご健勝にてご活躍のこととお慶び申し上げます
さて かねてより皆様方のご支援のもとに会社設立に向け準備をしてまいりましたが このたび5月11日にようやく事務所を開設し設立の運びとなりました
社会のお役に立てる企業を目指し誠心誠意努力するつもりでございます 今後とも一層のご指導ご支援を賜りますようお願い申し上げます



代表 羽渕聖子


It’s taken some time, but today I’m finally ready to begin this new chapter.

Just to share a few words about the name – it’s meant to express a dynamic sense of movement, from the Greek ‘kine,’ and the idea of introducing new artists to the world,

through the Greek ‘neo.’

I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who’s supported me along the way. I’m truly committed to this mission, not just for our own enrichment today, but

to ensure the broad-minded sensibilities of succeeding generations. I look forward to bringing meaningful art and artists to the world today and tomorrow.

Seiko Habuchi
Kineos Management Ltd.


Regarding artist requests, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

メールはこちらTEL 0572-26-8057
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